Hey there! My name is Stacey. I am from a small town right outside of Stockholm, Sweden. However, I feel most at home when I’m not at home. My heart belongs to a life of travel.

I once had a traumatic experience while visiting Somalia; I caught a terrible disease. Thankfully, I overcame it, but through that, I have learned to live life to it’s fullest. Still full of travel, but also to live a healthy and vibrant life. I believe that the journey to well-being is beautiful, simple, and natural. Instead of binging on Netflix, I often find myself relaxing through yoga and being outside in nature. I have a very peaceful mind and way of living, so the simple things in life are all I need. I’m always up for a challenge and creating healthy alternatives to well-known dishes is one of my favorite things to do! From traveling around the world, I’ve found some delicious meals and re-creating them to support my healthy lifestyle is always fun. Although, nothing could ever replace the soft spot in my heart for Swedish meatballs!

I adore great local food wherever I am visiting, no fast food / chains for me! Music is a big passion too, from some of the classical pieces, through to chillout vibes and even a touch of dance/trance.

Why Chicago Balcony? Because as I sit on my balcony, I’m at peace, and the world seems hopeful again. A lot of inner miracles occur on my Balcony, and here I will share them.